More Than 80% of Yannix Employees Are Fully Vaccinated

31 August 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand Yannix staff and their families received their second Coronavirus inoculations on August 16, 18 & 20. To date, more than 80% of our employees have received their first and second doses as a result of Yannix’ participation in the Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV COVID-19 vaccine distribution program. Although 98.53 % of

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YNX: COVID-19 Status Update Thailand Ranks 44th in the World

30 July 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand According to Worldometer, as of Thursday, July 29 at 20:16 (GMT), Thailand ranks 44th in the World in total number of Coronavirus cases as the Delta Variant continues to wreak havoc throughout Southeast Asia and the Globe. The number of confirmed cases has reached 197.16 million worldwide. The total number

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How To Handle “Rolling Shutter” (Part Two)

1. How much does rolling shutter really affect my shot? There are two factors that contribute to how much rolling shutter is in a shot:  The time difference between when the top line of the image was captured and when the bottom line was captured  The amount of motion in the image Yannix did an

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YNX Welcomes Students From CAMT, CMU

BANGKOK, Thailand, 13 January 2020 On Monday, January 13, Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd. welcomed a group of 16 guests from the College of Arts, Media & Technology (CAMT) at Chiang Mai University (CMU). The visiting contingent from CAMT, led by Mr. Arus Kunkhet (Course Leader for B.Sc Animation and Visual Effects), Mr. Nattapat Rodruang (Lecturer),

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YNX Welcomes Students From MT, TNI

BANGKOK, Thailand, 8 January 2020 On Wednesday, January 8, Yannix welcomed a visiting contingent comprised of 17 students and faculty from the Multimedia Technology Faculty (MT) at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI). The visitors were led by Mr. Puwadol Sirikongtham, and the group was afforded the opportunity to observe the Matchmoving, Rotomation, Rotoscoping and VFX

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YNX Recruitment Activities: December 2019

THAILAND, Various Locations (See Below)‬ ‪Come meet Yannix University Relations Officer Pajaree “Mint” Sungvianwong along with representatives from the Yannix Software and Information Technology and Production Team at the following events/locations in December:‬ TNI: Class presentation at ‬Information Technology faculty, C Building, Room 602 (12 Dec) KU: ‪Class presentation at ‬Computer Science faculty, SC45 Building,

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YNX Visits BUI (Twice)

BANGKOK, Thailand 24 October 2019 Executive Managers, Dr. Suthep “Jokie” Madarasmi and Ms. Wirak “Noina” Winsuth joined in a panel discussion entitled The Future of Graduates and Trends of Industry hosted by Bangkok University International (BUI). Yannix was invited to participate in the event (along with several other Thailand-based businesses) by Dr. Duangthida Nunthapirat, Dean of Bangkok University International Programs, and Dr. Vorapoj

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YNX Club Corner : YNX Buffet Critic Club [Every month in 2019 we will feature a different Yannix Employee Club]

November 2019 The YNX Buffet Club was founded in 2018 by six (6) Yannix Employees: (Purinut "Pu" Roongrojsub, Korrarin "Kor" Pinjaroen, Preeyanuch "Ple" Srisupinanon, Jinnapat "Fern" Pormatikul, Chayut "Toon" Nantanasarn and Pimsiri "Nook" Detsiri) who share an interest in the culinary arts. In other words, the YNX Buffet Club was established by Yannix’ resident “foodies.”

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Yannix (Thailand) Lands/Delivers Government IT Project

BANGKOK, Thailand, 12 February 2019 Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was awarded its first-ever Government Software Project for Thailand’s Social Security Office (SSO) "Information System Development for Social Security-Related Medical Services." The SSO is a part of Thailand’s Ministry of Labor. This initial outside project is part of Yannix's diversification plan to provide Business Software Solutions Services.

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Top 10 Yannix Moments of 2018

10. YNX Stages Mini World Cup Soccer/Football Event 9. University Students Visit Yannix (Thailand) 8. Yannix Recruiting Introduces “On the Spot” Evaluation/Hiring 7. Yannix’ New Address Due to re-zoning, Yannix had a change of address without changing location. 6. Yannix Volunteers Meet Newborn Baby Elephant(G2G#17) 5. Inaugural Yannix Good Job Awards 4. First Annual

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