Yannix is the Global Leader in Visual Effects (VFX)
Preparation & Support Services

Yannix Technologies

Yannix’ Services leverage an extensive in-house research & development (R&D) team for both computer software and hardware engineering. This enables us to provide unique and sometimes custom solutions tailored to suit the specific needs of each client/project.

Yannix Services

  • Camera and Object Motion Tracking (Match Moving)
  • Rotoanimation of Articulated Characters and other objects
  • Actor Expression Tracking from principal photography
  • Soft Deformation Tracking
  • Lens Distortion Reconstruction
  • Simultaneous Multi-Camera Tracking and Reconstruction
  • VR 360 Motion Reconstruction and Stitching
  • Image-Based Set Modeling and Reconstruction
  • Rolling Shutter Reconstruction
  • Rotoscoping/Paint
  • Custom LIDAR Scanning/Surveying
  • Yannix has extensive experience with a variety of digital and film cameras and their respective formats.

Yannix Projects

  • Hollywood Blockbuster Feature Films
  • International Motion Picture Cinema
  • Television Commercials (TVCs)
  • International Television Episodics
  • VR 360
  • Holographic “Live” Entertainment
  • Other “Special Projects”