“Yannix Goes to the Kitty Cats” (Give It 2 Get It #14)

BANGKOK, Thailand, 27 January 2018

The New Year is upon us, and with the new year, the Give It 2 Get It program (G2G) is back for another season of community oriented and environmentally conscious events.
The first event of 2018 (G2G #14) took place on Saturday, January 27 when Yannix went to the kitty cats.

Roughly thirty Yannix volunteers visited Mae Pim’s Cats & Dogs Shelter here in Bangkok. (Mae means mother, and Pim is the name of the owner/proprietor).
Ms.Tadsadawan Kornnara
greeted the Yannix volunteers at 10.00 AM on the day of the event. As volunteers toured the facility, Ms. Kornnara explained that there are approximately 400 cats and dogs currently residing at Mae Pim’s Cats & Dogs Shelter.

In advance of the event, Yannix volunteers had raised money to help pay for medicine and other necessities including cleaning supplies such as trash bags, and sterilizing solution.
Throughout the day they also treated the cats and dogs medically, as necessary, and cleaned up their surroundings, crates and cages.
And, most importantly, Yannix volunteers also brought pet snacks to a very excited audience of felines.

As the event closed, Ms. Kornnara told us she was very impressed with the efforts of the Yannix volunteers, and she told us how much she appreciated everything we did to help.

Lastly, Ms. Kornnara invited Yannix’ G2G to come back again someday.

Thank you to everyone at Yannix and Mae Pim’s Cats & Dogs Shelter who helped to make this wonderful event a success.

Until next time….



“Clean Up the Beach at Hua Hin” (Give It 2 Get It #13)

Final G2G Event for 2017

HUA HIN BEACH, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand, 7 October 2017

Yannix volunteers, largely comprised of programmers from both the Software Process Development Team (SPD) and the Research Oriented Development Team (ROD), visited Hua Hin Beach for the final Give It 2 Get It event of 2017.

The Yannix Team traveled to Hua Hin where they cleaned up the beach and assisted in the larger effort to restore the natural landscape.

The objective was to help to improve conditions in order to foster ecological tourism in the region.

Through the ‘Give It 2 Get It’ program, Yannix works with communities throughout the Kingdom to help make Thailand and the world a better place. By volunteering, Yannix team members are afforded opportunities to participate in team building exercises in a variety of environments where together they learn to make a difference.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make the Give It 2 Get It program a success in 2017.

We hope you will join us in 2018 when we’ll have a new slate of Give It 2 Get It events on the calendar.


“Yannix/ CPDC Charity Lunch” (Give It 2 Get It #12)

PATTAYA CITY, Chon Buri, Thailand, 23 September 2017

Yannix Volunteers visited the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC) in Pattaya where they were hosted by Miss Saichon Khumejing, CPDC’s Deputy Director. Yannix donated stationery and consumer goods and the Yannix volunteers organized a charity lunch for the “street” children.

There is an increasing number of street children in Pattaya. Poverty is rampant. The CPDC is a response to exploitation and poverty that many of these children suffer. The center aims to provide street children with protection, education and prospects for the future.

“Yannix Goes to the Dogs” (Give It 2 Get It #11)

SAMUT PRAKAN, Thailand, 26 August 2017

When the 30+ members of the Yannix Team arrived at Pa Kate Dog House, Baan Pa Kate was eagerly waiting to welcome them. This was a very big deal for her and the dogs because it was the first time that the dog house had ever had such a large group of human visitors.

The dogs were very excited as the Yannix Team distributed treats to their new canine friends. The Yannix Team delivered 200 kg. of dog food, 50 kg. of dog treats, special food for older and sick dogs. In addition to the food items the Yannix Team also brought floor cleaner, mosquito repellent, trash bags, and old clothes. They also made a cash contribution of money they had raised in advance so that Pa Kate can purchase other supplies.

All in all it was a wonderful day for humans and dogs alike.

Thank you to Pa Kate for all that you do, and thank you for hosting Give It 2 Get It #11.
Kob khun krub!

“Flowers For His Majesty” (Give It 2 Get It #10)

YANNIX, Bangkok, Thailand, 16 July 2017

Yannix staff participated in the creation of sandalwood flowers for the Royal Cremation of His Majesty, the late
King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The event took place at Yannix (Thailand). [The Royal Cremation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is scheduled for 25-29 October 2017. Thursday, 26 October, will be known as Royal Cremation Day.] The sandalwood flowers for the Royal Cremation Ceremony were made to represent many types of flowers. The daffodil was His Majesty King Bhumibol’s favorite flower as he often presented daffodils to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, when they stayed in Switzerland.

Making the artificial flowers for this significant ceremony has been a collaborative effort arranged by several organizations. Public participation in making the cremation flowers affords the people to demonstrate their love for His Majesty the late King. It’s a way to remember and show their great respect and admiration. It is also a demonstration of the strong unity felt among the people of Thailand.

Yannix’ participation in this effort was organized by members of Yannix’ 2D Department.

“Yannix Goes Back to School” (Give It 2 Get It #9)

 KAENGKRACHAN, Petchaburi, Thailand, 17 June 2017

The Yannix Rotomation Team and Yannix staff volunteered their Saturday to help renovate the playground at the Baan Nong Hong School.
This particular playground is used for Brain Based Learning (BBL) programs. BBL educators employ teaching methods and construct lesson plans based on the science of learning, often eschewing more traditional teaching methods based on assumptions from the past.

Our host for the day, principal Prateung Klinlek explained to the Yannix Team that Baan Nong Hong School was established in 1964 by the local community. Back then, the school consisted of three small classrooms without walls.

The team learned that in 2006, the school was in disrepair and was in extremely poor condition. So the Kaeng Krachan Country Club Golf Course & Resort and the TrueBuddhaSchool Thailand Foundation stepped in and pulled together resources (around US $46,000) and together they built four brand new classrooms and a teacher resource room. The resulting annex is both aesthetically beautiful and structurally stable and durable. The tiny, once dilapidated school is now the pride of the community.

Baan Nong Hong School currently has an enrollment of 41 kindergarten students and 83 elementary students.

Yannix thanks our host, principal Prateung Klinlek, everyone at Baan Nong Hong School and members of the surrounding community for making it a special day.

“Building Check Dams & Making Salt Licks In the Jungle”

(Give It 2 Get It #8)

KANCHANABURI, Thailand, 21 May 2017

Ms. Somlim Jampangon and Mr. Wasanchai Innak welcomed Yannix volunteers to the Khao Nampu Nature and Wildlife Education Center where the Yannix Team were instructed on how to create artificial salt licks to add more essential mineral supplementation in the area.

The Yannix Team also learned a great deal about team work on this day as they worked together to build a check dam.

Members of the 3D Tracking Team participated in this event (since they finally managed to have free weekend time) which made this day an unforgettable day.

Kob khun krub (Thank You) to Ms. Somlim Jampangon and to Mr. Wasanchai Innak for teaching the Yannix Team and thank you to everyone who attended this event.

“Vanishing Mangroves & Swimming Monkeys”

(Give It to Get It # 7)

BANGKOK, Thailand , 1 April 2017

Once upon a time, the mangroves along the canal at Khlong Khon covered a total area of more than 11,200 hectares, (43 and 1/4 square miles). However, due to a variety of issues that have adversely impacted the local ecosystem over the years, the mangrove coverage in the area has been greatly reduced and is soon expected to shrink to a mere 800 hectares (just under 4 square miles) of mangrove forest.

On April 1, Yannix volunteers visited the mangroves to learn and to lend a hand. They were welcomed by Mr. Piniti Ratanapongtara (Project Manager) who provided the volunteers an education in mangrove conservation as it relates to the environment, and the local economy. He offered insight into how to protect the mangroves from wind and waves during monsoon season, and he taught those in attendance how to plant mangroves.

One of the more special aspects of the trip to Khlong Khon was getting to see the swimming monkeys up close.

“Seed Bombs and Slingshots in the Nang Phan Thu Rat Forest Park “

(Give It to Get It #6)

25 February 2017, AMPHOE CHA-AM, Thailand

Yannix “Give It to Get It” volunteers travelled to Nang Phan Thu Rat Forest Park in Phetchaburi province to visit conservation/rehabilitation areas as part of the ‘King Rama 9 Projects.’

Under the guidance of Forest Protection Officers, Ms. Tassanee Chanvichit and Mr. Rapeepat Sangkudlor, Yannix employees were educated regarding the background of the Royal Initiated Mountain Area Conservation Project, and then were afforded an opportunity to work alongside local volunteers in a collective effort to restore the forest and increase the biological diversity of the plant life on the mountain, which is largely comprised of limestone.

Because these cliff areas are limestone, re-forestation is a challenge. On this particular day, Yannix volunteers became stewards of the forest by, among other things, hiking to the forest cliff area, where they collected and removed trash. Those in attendance also learned how to mold clay, how to make seed composts (which were launched into the air with slingshots), and how to harvest mature seeds for a variety of seed strains including: Silver Trumpet trees, Teak, Flame-Trees, Leucaena plants, Diospiros fruit, Rhodocalyx plants, Sterculia Foetidas trees, Afzelia trees and Banyan trees.

“Growing Coral at Toeyngam Beach” (Give It to Get It #5)

12 November 2016, CHONBURI, Thailand.

Yannix is committed to the protection and restoration of our environment. In an effort to nurture the natural coral reef and to foster more places in which marine life can dwell, Yannix employees volunteered to grow man-made reefs at Toeyngam Beach, Royal Thai Navy, Sattahip.

  “In Loving Memory of H.M. the King” (Give It to Get It #4)

22 October 2016, GRAND PALACE, Bangkok, Thailand.

Yannix (Thailand) honored our beloved King. 300,000 people from across Thailand gathered at the main ground near the Grand Palace where the Royal funeral took place. With heavy hearts, Yannix did our best to comfort those in attendance at the main ground near the Grand Palace. Yannix volunteers distributed fans, candy and tissues to help soothe those who braved the heat.

“Pracharat Weirs” (Give It to Get It #3)

17 September 2016, PANG SIDA NATIONAL PARK, Thailand.

As part of a National campaign of environmental conservation, Yannix volunteers visited Pangsida National Park, in Sakaew Province, which is located in northeastern Thailand. Yannix employees built two Pracharat Weirs to help irrigate waterways and to protect soil. The campaign aims to assist Thai farmers and to promote Thailand’s agriculture industries.

Yannix would like to thank Mr. Tadsaneth Phetkong and his assistant, Mr. Supachai Boonsook for their time, hospitality and guidance on what was a very special and productive day. Because of the efforts of Mr. Phetkong and Mr. Boonsook, the volunteers learned many lessons while having an experience they will never forgot.

“Cleaning Our Own Backyard” (Give It to Get It #2)

23 July 2016, YANNIX (THAILAND)

As Yannix embarks on the “Give It to Get It” campaign where Yannix employees volunteer their free time in order to help preserve our environment, we gathered at our offices on a Saturday to clean up the place where we work every day. Those who contributed to the effort were rewarded with a small after-party so they could relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Cha-am Beach (Give It to Get It #1)

25 June 2016, PHETCHABURI, Thailand.

In the inaugural event of the “Give It to Get It” campaign, Yannix volunteers visited Cha-am Beach where the mission was to clean up the beach while promoting the maritime environment. A wonderful time was had by all who attended.