YNX Recruitment Activities: December 2019

THAILAND, Various Locations (See Below)‬

Come meet Yannix University Relations Officer Pajaree “Mint” Sungvianwong along with representatives from the Yannix Software and Information Technology and Production Team at the following events/locations in December:‬
TNI: Class presentation at ‬Information Technology faculty, C Building, Room 602 (12 Dec)
KU: ‪Class presentation at ‬Computer Science faculty, SC45 Building, Room 803 (23 Dec) read more …

YNX Tech: UV Unwrap

At Yannix, we are constantly upgrading and improving our proprietary matchmoving software and technology to ensure we are always providing our clients with the highest quality tracks. It is imperative to make sure that the matchmove sticks well via a robust and easy to use QC process. An important tool for matchmoving QC is the UVunwrap Render, where the shot is projected onto the geometry. read more …

Coming Soon: New Yannix Building

Yannix moved into its current location in @Pinnacle in Bangkunthien, Bangkok in 2009 and has continuously been expanding its presence here ever since. Originally renting a 360 sq. m. (3,875 sq. ft.) area, we have expanded to 1,660 sq. m. (17,868 sq. ft.) today inside of the @Pinnacle office location. In order to make room for continuing our steady growth to read more …


YNX Visits BUI (Twice)

BANGKOK, Thailand, 24 October 2019

Executive Managers, Dr. Suthep “Jokie” Madarasmi and Ms. Wirak “Noina” Winsuth joined in a panel discussion entitled The Future of Graduates and Trends of Industry hosted by Bangkok University International (BUI). Yannix was invited to participate in the event (along with several other Thailand read more …