Q&A: 9 Questions With Yannix’ Resident Health Expert, Nurse Alisara “Nam” Ocha

27 August 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: Please tell us about the nursing work you do at Yannix. Nam: I consult with the Yannix management team and staff on all health-related matters, both physical and mental. Among my duties, I am responsible for the administration of First Aid, providing Emergency Care, and dispensing medicine. I also

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Q&A: 8 Questions With Yannix Communications & Employee Relations Manager Winimai “Pooh” Kohkiat

23 July 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: Pooh, please tell us about your life before you joined Yannix? Pooh: I was born in Bangkok. I have an older brother, and two older sisters. I’m the baby of the family. When I was born we lived in the city center at Suriwong Road, but a few months

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Q&A: 7 Questions With Yannix Accounting Team Lead, Waroonsri Dityim (“Bo” Moneeka) 

10 June 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: Bo, please tell us about your life before joined Yannix. Bo: I was born and raised in Bangkok,  which makes me a lifelong Bangkokian. I’ve lived in the Bangpakok area in the south of Bangkok my whole life. I live with my parents in the same house I’ve lived in ever

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Q&A: Nine (9) Questions With Yannix Rotomation Supervisor Puwarichaya “Patt” Puwatcharawong

1 April 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: Please tell us about your life before you joined Yannix. Patt: I was born in Bangkok. I moved to Nakhonpathom to further my studies, and I later moved back to Bangkok where I graduated high school. I got my diploma from Bangpakok Withayakom School (Science/Mathematics). I attended King Mongkut’s

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Q&A: 10 Questions with Yannix’ Executive Producer, Danny Turner

BANGKOK, Thailand, 20 November 2020 Today, we are fortunate to have a few moments to sit down with Yannix Executive Producer, Danny Turner for a Q&A session. YNX: Danny, please tell us about your childhood. Where were you born? Danny Turner: I was born in Salford, Manchester, in the northwest of England, but when I

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