Q&A: 8 Questions with Yannix’ Senior Project Coordinator, Pattera “Nan” Sawatdivej

19 October 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: What made you want to join Yannix? Nan: I’ve always been fascinated with exploring new and different cultures, and I’ve always appreciated the idea of “Independence” as expressed in American culture. To me, Yannix has provided me with an opportunity to be exposed to a whole world of cultural

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Q&A: 9 Questions With Yannix’ Resident Health Expert, Nurse Alisara “Nam” Ocha

27 August 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: Please tell us about the nursing work you do at Yannix. Nam: I consult with the Yannix management team and staff on all health-related matters, both physical and mental. Among my duties, I am responsible for the administration of First Aid, providing Emergency Care, and dispensing medicine. I also

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Q&A: 8 Questions With Yannix Communications & Employee Relations Manager Winimai “Pooh” Kohkiat

23 July 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: Pooh, please tell us about your life before you joined Yannix? Pooh: I was born in Bangkok. I have an older brother, and two older sisters. I’m the baby of the family. When I was born we lived in the city center at Suriwong Road, but a few months

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Q&A: 7 Questions With Yannix Accounting Team Lead, Waroonsri Dityim (“Bo” Moneeka) 

10 June 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: Bo, please tell us about your life before joined Yannix. Bo: I was born and raised in Bangkok,  which makes me a lifelong Bangkokian. I’ve lived in the Bangpakok area in the south of Bangkok my whole life. I live with my parents in the same house I’ve lived in ever

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Q&A: Nine (9) Questions With Yannix Rotomation Supervisor Puwarichaya “Patt” Puwatcharawong

1 April 2021 BANGKOK, Thailand YNX: Please tell us about your life before you joined Yannix. Patt: I was born in Bangkok. I moved to Nakhonpathom to further my studies, and I later moved back to Bangkok where I graduated high school. I got my diploma from Bangpakok Withayakom School (Science/Mathematics). I attended King Mongkut’s

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Q&A: 10 Questions with Yannix’ Executive Producer, Danny Turner

BANGKOK, Thailand, 20 November 2020 Today, we are fortunate to have a few moments to sit down with Yannix Executive Producer, Danny Turner for a Q&A session. YNX: Danny, please tell us about your childhood. Where were you born? Danny Turner: I was born in Salford, Manchester, in the northwest of England, but when I

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