YNX Hosts 9 From Chiang Mai University

BANGKOK, Thailand, 14 March 2019

On Thursday, March 14, Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd. welcomed a group of nine (9) guests from the College of Arts, Media & Technology (CAMT) at Chiang Mai University (CMU). The visiting contingent from CAMT, led by Mr. Arus Kunkhet (Course Leader for B.Sc Animation and Visual Effects), Mr. Sumet Yordkaew (Lecturer)  read more …

YNX for Children with Disabilities (Give It 2 Get It #25)

BAAN NONTAPUM, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand, 23 March 2019

For our next Give It 2 Get It event (G2G #25), Yannix Volunteers will visit the Baan Nontapum Home for Children with Disabilities. The Baan Nontapum Home for Children houses roughly 350 physically disabled children (ages 7-18 years). The Home’s mission is to provide medical care, physical rehabilitation services and read more …

Yannix Movie Night: Captain Marvel

BANGKOK, Thailand, 8 March, 2019

Eighty-seven (87) Yannix employees attended a screening of Captain Marvel for YNX Movie Night at Major Cineplex Central Rama 2.
Yannix (Thailand) is proud to have provided “Additional VFX” on Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster.

YNX Interns Complete Program

BANGKOK, Thailand, 27 February 2019

Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd., congratulates four (4) internship students from the Institute of Field roBOtics (FIBO), at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). The four student/interns: Kongkiet “Palm” Rothomphiwat, Chattarin “New” Rodpon, Nasrun “Nas” Hayeeyama and Nattamon “June”  read more …

YNX Releases The Sea Turtles (Give It 2 Get It #24 Review)

SAMAE-SAN ISLAND, Chonburi Province, Thailand, 23 February 2019

On Saturday, February 23, Yannix Volunteers participated in two events as part of the Give It 2 Get It Program. In the morning Yannix Volunteers visited the Thai Way of Organic Farming Learning Center (SEAL Farm) where they were hosted by Chief Petty Officer First Class Viratpon Masphan and his team. Volunteers toured read more …

YNX Recruitment Activities -March 2019

THAILAND, Various Locations (See Below)

Come meet Yannix University Relations Officers Pajaree “Mint” Sungvianwong and Korlapat “Tarn” Kulkasem along with representatives from the Yannix SIT team at the following events/locations during the month of March: • KMUTT JobFair 2019 (18-19 March) • IT KMITL Job Fair 2019 (20 March) • Chulalongkorn  read more …

YNX Club Corner : Offy Coffee Club [Every month in 2019 we will feature a different Yannix Employee Club]

March 2019

The Office (“Offy”) Coffee Club began with eight Yannix employees who shared a passion for consuming their favorite caffeinated beverage. Since its inception, the Offy Coffee Club has grown in ranks to read more …

Group From Kantana Institute Visits YNX

BANGKOK, Thailand, 15 February 2019

Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd., hosted a group of 18 students/faculty from Media Production Art program at Kantana Institute. The visiting contingent, led by Mr. Pariya Srivanichrak (Teacher Assistance), toured the Yannix facility and observed the Match Moving, Rotoscoping and VFX processes. The afternoon culminated  read more …

YNX Releases The Sea Turtles (Give It 2 Get It #24)

SAMAE-SAN ISLAND, Chonburi Province, Thailand, 23 February 2019

Due to over-fishing, and consequences from pollution, Sea Turtles are endangered. Sea Turtle eggs are routinely caught in fishing nets and harvested for human consumption. Mature Sea Turtles often suffer an early demise from ingesting plastic waste, which abounds in the sea. Samae-San Island is a small island in Sattahip read more …

Yannix (Thailand) Lands/Delivers Government IT Project

BANGKOK, Thailand, 12 February 2019

Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was awarded its first-ever Government Software Project for Thailand’s Social Security Office (SSO) “Information System Development for Social Security-Related Medical Services.” The SSO is a part of Thailand’s Ministry of Labor. This initial outside project is part of Yannix’s diversification read more …

YNX Club Corner : YNX Musicians/Band Club Club [Every month in 2019 we will feature a different Yannix Employee Club]

February 2019

There are roughly 15 members of the Yannix Musicians/Band Club. Club activities include meetings/rehearsals/jam sessions and are held in a designated music room on campus after work read more …

Top 10 Yannix Moments of 2018

10. YNX Stages Mini World Cup Soccer/Football Event
9. University Students Visit Yannix (Thailand)
8. Yannix Recruiting Introduces “On the Spot” Evaluation/Hiring
7. Yannix’ New Address Due to re-zoning, Yannix had a change of address without changing location.
6. Yannix Volunteers Meet Newborn Baby Elephant(G2G#17) read more …

YNX Recruiting Activities – February 2019

THAILAND, Various Locations (See Below)

Come meet Yannix University Relations Officers Pajaree “Mint” Sungvianwong and Korlapat “Tarn” Kulkasem along with representatives from the Yannix SIT team at the following events/locations during the month of February: • 11-12 Feb : Engineering KMUTT Jobfair 2019 • 12 Feb : Science Jobfair at read more …

‘YNX Recruiting’ Visits CMM @ KMUTT

 THONBURI, BANGKOK, Thailand, 27 January 2019

On Tuesday, Prateep “Teep” Siamwalla (Executive Manager), along with Yannix University Relations Officers Pajaree “Mint” Sungvianwong and Korlapat “Tarn” Kulkasemalong, delivered a talk to first and third year students, and respected faculty from the Applied Computer Science Multimedia Faculty (CMM) at King read more …

YNX Goes 2 The Jungle (Give It 2 Get It #23 Review)

NAKHON RATCHASIMA PROVINCE, Thailand, 19 January 2019

Saturday, January 19, marked the first Give It 2 Get It event of 2019 (G2G#23). Yannix volunteers visited the Moosi Silvicultural Research Station in Pak Chong District where they were instructed on the management of plant/seed preparation to promote the sustainability of the forests of Thailand. read more …

YNX Club Corner : Hobby & Toy Club [Every month in 2019 we will feature a different Yannix Employee Club]

January 2019

The Yannix Hobby & Toy Club meets “officially” once a month on the Yannix (Thailand) campus. The club currently has 20 members, all who share an appreciation for building models and collecting toys/action figures. read more …

YNX Goes 2 The Jungle (Give It 2 Get It #23)

NAKHON RATCHASIMA PROVINCE, Thailand, 19 January 2019

Yannix volunteers will visit the Moosi Silvicultural Research Station in Pak Chong District where they will, (among other tasks), assist in the management of plant/seed preparation to promote the sustainability of the forests of Thailand. They will also make artificial salt licks to provide essential mineral read more …

Happy Dolls Come to YNX (Give It 2 Get It #22)

BANGKOK, Thailand, 22 December 2018

On Saturday, December 22, the Happy Dolls Project will come to the offices of Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd., for the final Give It 2 Get It event of 2018. According to the Happy Dolls Project website: “The Happy Dolls Project was created to make people feel ‘happy’ as we know that a smile is a simple but effective way to  read more …

YNX Hosts Group From Walailak University

BANGKOK, Thailand, 26 November, 2018

Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd. welcomed a group of 35 visitors from the Multimedia Technology and Animation Program at Walailak University (WU). The guests from WU, led by Mr. Phirasoost Ketlertprasert and Mr. Nattacha Silakun, (Animation Technical Officer), observed the Matchmoving, Rotoscoping and VFX  read more …

Yannix Helps the Schoolchildren (Give It 2 Get It #21)

 RATCHABURI PROVINCE, Thailand, 11 November 2018

This Event was organized by Yannix in cooperation with Kor Kon Pan DinBan Nong Ko School is a small facility in a remote village in Ratchaburi Province. The students at the school come from low-income families living in the region, and unfortunately, the school lacks resources. On Sunday, November 11, Volunteers read more …

“YNX Gets AWARE” (Give It 2 Get It #20)

 KOH LARN, PATTAYA, Chonburi Province, Thailand, 22 September 2018

Last week was AWARE Week (September 15-23), a global event that includes activities focused on tackling ocean pollution and empowering local communities to take positive actions for the protection of fragile aquatic environments. Project AWARE, (Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education), has read more …

2018 Yannix Short Film Festival

 BANGKOK, Thailand, 14 September 2018

The Yannix Short Film Festival made its debut at the Montien Riverside Hotel Bangkok. Six (6) short films were produced/submitted for consideration by Yannix employees and were screened on the evening of Yannix’ Annual Party/Gala Event. Award winners were selected by committee (except for the “Popular Vote” read more …

2018 Yannix “Good Job Awards”

BANGKOK, Thailand, 14 September 2018

On this occasion, the 2018 Yannix “Good Job Awards were presented to six (6) employees by Executive Manager, Suthep “Jokie” Madarasmi, Ph.D. The awards presentation took place at a ceremony on Friday, September 14, during Yannix’ Gala Event/Annual Party, which was held at the Montien Riverside Hotel Bangkok. read more …

“YNX Goes to the Zoo” (Give It 2 Get It #19)

CHONBURI PROVINCE, Thailand, 21 July 2018

Khao Khaew Open Zoo covers an area of about 8 square kilometres. The zoo is inhabited by some 3,000 animals across 250 species from Thailand, Asia and around the world. Khao Khaew Open Zoo specializes in wildlife conservation and research, and has had a great deal of success in the areas of breeding and read more …

“YNX Goes Back to School for Kids Sports Day/Mini World Cup” (Give It 2 Get It #18 (G2G#16 Sequel))

NAKHONPATHOM PROVINCE, Thailand, 30 June 2018

In March, Yannix staff visited Ban Ko Wang School to lend a helping hand. On that day, Yannix volunteers were greeted by an excited group of thirty-two students, and their teacher, Ms. Paradee Toonyodpan, read more …

PyCon Thailand 2018

Knowledge Exchange Center – KX, BANGKOK, Thailand, 16 June, 2018

On June 16, Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Founder/Managing Director, Xye gave a talk on the topic “Python Software Development for Hollywood Blockbuster Movie VFX in Thailand” at PyCon Thailand 2018 – a conference about Python programming for students interested in Python language. For the past 12 years, Yannix read more …

Singapore Students Visit Yannix

 BANGKOK, Thailand, 15 June 2018

Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd. welcomed a group of 20 guests (students and faculty) from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) in Singapore. Led by Ms. Ng Kun Yu and Mr. Sankar Thiyagarajan, (Lecturer from School of Interactive & Digital Media), the group toured Yannix’ Bangkok facility and participated in a Q&A with Yannix’ Executive read more …

Yannix new address

BANGKOK, Thailand, 31 May 2018

Due to new zoning regulations by the Bangkok Administration Office the official address for Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd, has changed effective immediately. Please note that Yannix’ physical location remains unchanged, however, our new address is as follows: Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd, 1346/1 Soi Anamai Ngam Charoen 25, Thakham, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok, 10150, Thailand. read more …

“YNX Goes 2 The Elephants” (Give It 2 Get It #17)

 KANCHANABURI PROVINCE, Thailand  19 May 2018,

The Thai Elephant (Chang in Thai) is the National Animal of Thailand. For centuries, the elephant has been a sacred and iconic presence in Thai culture. As much as elephants are an important part of Thai culture, sometimes they fall on hard times and when they do, they need our help. On Saturday, 19 May, Yannix read more …

“YNX Goes Back to School” (Give It 2 Get It #16)

 NAKHONPATHOM PROVINCE, Thailand, 24 March 2018

Ban Ko Wang School is a small school with a total of 32 students, (10 kindergarten students and 22 elementary students). Due to budgetary shortages, Ban Ko Wang School has only one teacher, and without the necessary resources to hire more teachers the students are severely disadvantaged. Furthermore, the overall read more …

“Mangrove Planting & Shark Relocation/Preservation” (Give It 2 Get It #15)

 SATTAHIP BAY, Chonburi Province, Thailand, 24 February 2018

When Yannix volunteers arrived at the Royal Thai Naval Air and Coastal Defense Command at Sattahip Bay in Chonburi Province, they were welcomed by Lieutenant Commander Kridsada Yahirun (Deputy Chief of Air and Coastal Defend Command), and Chief Petty Officer First Class Somsak Rodsard, who served as their read more …

YNX Movie Night: Black Panther

 BANGKOK, Thailand, 20 February 2018

A group of ninety-five individuals attended a Monday night screening of Marvel’s Black Panther for the latest YNX Movie Night. The audience was comprised of Yannix employees and more than a dozen people from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, (KMUTT). The group from KMUTT included read more …


Click Camp X by Yannix

Mahidol University, 9-10 February 2018

On February 9 & 10, Yannix (Thailand) was the main sponsor for a special academic event held at Mahidol University, Click Camp X by Yannix. Sponsored in cooperation with the Department of Computer Engineering at Mahidol University, Click Camp X was a learning experience for students interested in earning read more …

YNX Recruiting Visit: CMM KMUTT “On the Spot” Evaluation/Hiring

BANGKOK, Thailand, 29 January 2018

On Monday, January 29, a team of Yannix recruiters/managers visited the Department of Applied Computer Science-Multimedia at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (CMM KMUTT) to interview and evaluate students/candidates interested in employment at Yannix. The YNX contingent was read more …

“Yannix Goes to the Kitty Cats” (Give It 2 Get It #14)

BANGKOK, Thailand, 27 January 2018

The New Year is upon us, and with the new year, the Give It 2 Get It program (G2G) is back for another season of community oriented and environmentally conscious events. The first event of 2018 (G2G #14) took place on Saturday, January 27 when Yannix went to the kitty cats. Roughly thirty Yannix volunteers visited read more …

10th Annual SIGGRAPH ASIA (International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques)

BANGKOK, Thailand, 21 December 2017

The 10th annual SIGGRAPH ASIA Conference/Exhibition (2017) was held in Yannix’ hometown, Bangkok, Thailand from 27-30 November 2017 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). read more …


Meet Namo

BANGKOK, Thailand, 23 November 2017

NAMO (Novel Articulated Mobile Platform) is a semi-humanoid presenter robot designed and developed by Thavida Maneewarn at the Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO) at King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). NAMO has been a presenter at multiple trade shows and opening ceremonies, and she read more …

20th CMM KMUTT – Discussion on Media & Technology

BANGKOK, Thailand, 11 November 2017

On the occasion of the 20th CMM KMUTT event, Yannix Head of Production, Ms. Wirak “Noina” Winsuth participated in a panel discussion hosted by Applied Computer Science – Multimedia at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). The topics focused on Media & Technology, and the event was read more …


Yannix Participates in AMCHAM/FedEx “Career Night”

BANGKOK, Thailand, 30 October  2017

Yannix (Thailand) General Manager Prateep “Teep” Siamwalla participated in a panel discussion with fellow panelists from Fedex, Ford Motor Co. and Chevron at an event hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Thailand and FedEx. The event was part of a week-long “Career Camp” held annually for read more …


Yannix HR Recruiting Talk at KMUTT

THONBURI, Bangkok, Thailand, 16 October 2017

Yannix Head of Human Resources, Piyana “Nuch” Sukanghong, Software Development, Natchapol “March” Thongruang, University Relations Representative, Korlapat “Tarn” Kulkasem and Pajaree “Mint” Sungvianwong delivereda talk during the post training graduation activitiesfor the Faculty of Engineering (FoE) read more …

“Clean Up the Beach at Hua Hin” (Give It 2 Get It #13) Final G2G Event for 2017

HUA HIN BEACH, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand, 7 October 2017

Yannix volunteers, largely comprised of programmers from both the Software Process Development Team (SPD) and the Research Oriented Development Team (ROD), visited Hua Hin Beach for the final Give It 2 Get It event of 2017. The Yannix Team traveled to Hua Hin where they cleaned up the beach andassisted in the  read more …


Yannix Movie Night : Kingsman: The Golden Circle

BANGKOK, Thailand, 26 September 2017

Eighty-three Yannix employees attended Yannix Movie Night to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and our people were proud to see Yannix (Thailand) included in the end credits. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to Kingsman 2’s success. read more …

“Yannix/ CPDC Charity Lunch” (Give It 2 Get It #12)

PATTAYA CITY, Chon Buri, Thailand, 23 September 2017

Yannix Volunteers visited the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC) in Pattaya where they were hosted by Miss Saichon Khumejing, CPDC’s Deputy Director. Yannix donated stationery and consumer goods and the Yannix volunteers organized a charity lunch for the “street” children. There is an increasing read more …

“Yannix Goes to the Dogs” (Give It 2 Get It #11)

SAMUT PRAKAN, Thailand, 26 August 2017

When the 30+ members of the Yannix Team arrived at Pa Kate Dog House, Baan Pa Kate was eagerly waiting to welcome them. This was a very big deal for her and the dogs because it was the first time that the dog house had ever had such a large group of human visitors. The dogs were very excited as the Yannix Team read more …


Panel Discussion: “Creativity in the Age of Technology”

BANGKOK, Thailand, 10 August 2017

Executive Manager Dr. Suthep (Jokie) Madarasmi represented Yannix as one of four invited speakers who participated in a panel discussion entitled “Creativity in the Age of Technology.” The panel was part of the “Deep Tech” (https://deeptechtalk.com/) seminar organized by the National Institute of Development read more …

“Flowers For His Majesty” (Give It 2 Get It #10)

YANNIX, Bangkok, Thailand, 16 July 2017

Yannix staff participated in the creation of sandalwood flowers for the Royal Cremation of His Majesty, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The event took place at Yannix (Thailand). [The Royal Cremation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is scheduled for 25-29 October 2017. Thursday, 26 October, will be known as  read more …


YNX Movie Night : Spider-Man Homecoming

BANGKOK, Thailand, 12 July 2017
More than 100 Yannix employees were joined by professors and administrators from KMUTT to watch Spider-Man Homecoming. The gang was especially proud to see that Yannix had received an end credit in the film. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of Spider-Man Homecoming.  read more …

“Yannix Goes Back to School” (Give It 2 Get It #9)

KAENGKRACHAN, Petchaburi, Thailand, 17 June 2017

The Yannix Rotomation Team and Yannix staff volunteered their Saturday to help renovate the playground at the Baan Nong Hong School. This particular playground is used for Brain Based Learning (BBL) programs. BBL educators employ teaching methods and construct lesson plans based on the science of learning,  read more …


Yannix Goes Orange For a Day

BANGKOK, Thailand, 9 June 2017

Yannix (Thailand) Co, Ltd., welcomed students and faculty from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. Led by the Assistant Dean of Student and Career Services, Kathryn Allen, Professor Paul Gendel, and Program Manager, Lauren McPhillips, the group of 29 people, who traveled from Upstate read more …

“Building Check Dams & Making Salt Licks In the Jungle” (Give It 2 Get It #8)

KANCHANABURI, Thailand, 21 May 2017

Ms. Somlim Jampangon and Mr. Wasanchai Innak welcomed Yannix volunteers to the Khao Nampu Nature and Wildlife Education Center where the Yannix Team were instructed on how to create artificial salt licks to add more essential mineral supplementation in the area.The Yannix Team also learned a great deal read more …


April 2017: With Thai New Year Comes Yet Another Record Performance for Yannix

BANGKOK, Thailand, 16 May 2017

In a month known for holidays and Thai New Year celebrations, Yannix had its best April ever as it delivered 1,045 total shots across 43 projects (breakdown as follows): Feature Films – 880 shots (20 projects), TV – 112 shots (14 series), TVCs – 53 shots (9 spots) Yannix (Thailand) would like to thank all of our clients for helping read more …


U. Redlands MBA Students Visit Yannix

BANGKOK, Thailand, 4 May 2017

Yannix (Thailand) welcomed a contingent of 17 guests from the MBA Program at the University of Redlands School of Business. Led by Interim Dean, School of Business, G. Keith Roberts, the group from Southern California toured Yannix’ Bangkok facility and everyone was treated to lunch and a Q&A with Yannix’ Founder read more …


Yannix Has Record-Breaking Month In March 2017

BANGKOK, Thailand, 8 April 2017

Yannix had its best month ever in terms of overall throughput. The Yannix team tracked/delivered 1,202* total shots in March across a total of 47 projects. Of the 47:
– 24 were feature films. – 13 were episodic television series. – 10 were TVCs. read more …


“Work for Hollywood, Live in Thailand” at Chiang Mai University

CHIANG MAI, Thailand, 5 April 2017

Representatives from Yannix visited The College of Arts, Media & Technology at Chiang Mai University for the first time ever. Yannix General Manager, Prateep “Teep” Siamwalla, Head of Human Resources, Piyana “Nuch” Sukanghong and University Relations Representative, Korlapat “Tarn” Kulkasem attended read more …


RIP Noodang. Thank you for looking out for us.

BANGKOK, Thailand, 3 April 2017

When Yannix moved to our current location back in 2009, we were welcomed by this guy. Noodang was truly an “office dog.” He saw himself as part of our Security Team and he was familiar with each and every Yannix employee. He knew who belonged at the office and who didn’t belong.He always barked at those read more …

“Vanishing Mangroves & Swimming Monkeys” (Give It to Get It # 7)

BANGKOK, Thailand , 1 April 2017

Once upon a time, the mangroves along the canal at Khlong Khon covered a total area of more than 11,200 hectares, (43 and 1/4 square miles). However, due to a variety of issues that have adversely impacted the local ecosystem over the years, the mangrove coverage in the area has been greatly reduced and is soon read more …



BANGKOK, Thailand, 23 March 2017

Yannix broke records after tracking 1,590 shots across 77 projects over the course of the first 59 days of 2017. Of the 77: – 40 were feature films. – 18 were episodic television series. – 19 were TVCs. And on top of that, March is also promising to be a very big month. In October 2016, Yannix tracked 1,001 shots. The question is: read more …

“Seed Bombs and Slingshots in the Nang Phan Thu Rat Forest Park ” (Give It to Get It #6)

AMPHOE CHA-AM, Thailand, 25 February 2017

Yannix “Give It to Get It” volunteers travelled to Nang Phan Thu Rat Forest Park in Phetchaburi province to visit conservation/rehabilitation areas as part of the ‘King Rama 9 Projects. Under the guidance of Forest Protection Officers, Ms. Tassanee Chanvichit and Mr. Rapeepat Sangkudlor, Yannix employees were read more …

“Growing Coral at Toeyngam Beach” (Give It to Get It #5)

CHONBURI, Thailand, 12 November 2016

Yannix is committed to the protection and restoration of our environment. In an effort to nurture the natural coral reef and to foster more places in which marine life can dwell, Yannix employees volunteered to grow man-made reefs at Toeyngam Beach, Royal Thai Navy, Sattahip. read more …

“In Loving Memory of H.M. the King” (Give It to Get It #4)

GRAND PALACE, Bangkok, Thailand, 22 October 2016

Yannix (Thailand) honored our beloved King. 300,000 people from across Thailand gathered at the main ground near the Grand Palace where the Royal funeral took place. With heavy hearts, Yannix did our best to comfort those in attendance at the main ground near the Grand Palace. Yannix volunteers distributed read more …


SIGGRAPH Asia 2017’s Host City will be Bangkok, Thailand!

BANGKOK, Thailand, 10 October 2016

The 10th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from 27-30 November 2017 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). Yannix (Thailand) Co. Ltd. looks forward to the 10th annual SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 and is excited that it will take place in Bangkok. read more …

“Pracharat Weirs” (Give It to Get It #3)

PANG SIDA NATIONAL PARK, Thailand, 17 September 2016

As part of a National campaign of environmental conservation, Yannix volunteers visited Pangsida National Park, in Sakaew Province, which is located in northeastern Thailand. Yannix employees built two Pracharat Weirs to help irrigate waterways and to protect soil. The campaign aims to assist Thai farmers and to  read more …


Yannix’ Xye Lauded for His Talk to AMCHAM’s SME and IT Subcommittee

BANGKOK, Thailand, 17 August 2016

Today, Xye (Yannix Managing Director) gave a presentation at an event organized by the American Chamber of Commerce‘s (AMCHAM) Joint SME/TIC/ICT Subcommittees. The event was well attended by AMCHAM members from a wide variety of disciplines/industries. During his presentation, entitled “From Concept to read more …


Yannix’ Xye to Present to AMCHAM’s SME and IT Subcommittee

BANGKOK, Thailand, 10 August 2016

On 17 August 2016, Yannix Managing Director, Xye is slated to give a presentation at an event organized by the American Chamber of Commerce‘s (AMCHAM) Joint SME/TIC/ICT Subcommittees.
The event will be attended by AMCHAM members across a wide variety of disciplines/industries.
read more …

“Cleaning Our Own Backyard” (Give It to Get It #2))

YANNIX (THAILAND), 23 July 2016

As Yannix embarks on the “Give It to Get It” campaign where Yannix employees volunteer their free time in order to help preserve our environment, we gathered at our offices on a Saturday to clean up the place where we work every day. Those who contributed to the effort were rewarded with a small after-partyso they could read more …

Cha-am Beach (Give It to Get It #1)

PHETCHABURI, Thailand, 25 June 2016

In the inaugural event of the “Give It to Get It” campaign, Yannix volunteers visited Cha-am Beach where the mission was to clean up the beach while promoting the maritime environment. A wonderful time was had by all who attended. read more …


Yannix’ 20th Birthday T-Shirts

BURBANK, California/BANGKOK, Thailand, January 2015

In honor of Yannix’ 20th Birthday Celebration, Yannix designed a commemorative T-shirt, which we intend to distribute to our clients and colleagues around the globe.
read more …