Coming Soon: New Yannix Building

Yannix moved into its current location in @Pinnacle in Bangkunthien, Bangkok in 2009 and has continuously been expanding its presence here ever since. Originally renting a 360 sq. m. (3,875 sq. ft.) area, we have expanded to 1,660 sq. m. (17,868 sq. ft.) today inside of the @Pinnacle office location.

In order to make room for continuing our steady growth to meet the needs of our growing customer demand while we also expand our service offerings, Yannix has been designing and developing a new office building nearby which is currently under construction and is nearing completion. Only a 5 minute drive from our main @Pinnacle location, it is located in an officially designated “green area” where factories and other heavy industry are not allowed. We have designed both the building and the surrounding land to be environmentally friendly with trees used as a thermal buffer to reduce air conditioning demand as well as fresh composting of all compostable waste on premise and a target of zero trash (100% recycling and reuse) of all office waste by 2020. Using modern insulated building materials and intelligent facility automation to allow digitally controlled window and air vents to open and close, combined with environmentally efficient air conditioning, the building uses a combination of integrated advanced eco technologies to provide humidity and temperature control while greatly reducing its energy footprint.

The new Yannix building was designed around a Modern Thai architectural style and provides an additional 420 sq. m. (4520 sq. ft.) of production workspace not including separate restroom, canteen, and engineering workshop buildings. The new site should provide space for an additional 200 employees once it is fully operational by the end of 2019, and has space for additional building construction in the future should our growth continue and additional work space is needed.

We want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to our loyal customers and partners for your continuing support and faith in Yannix and we know that this new facility will assist us to continue to develop and refine our service offerings in the years ahead.