Welcome to Yannix Technologies

Yannix had been a world leader in Visual Effects (VFX) preparation and support services for over 2 decades. Yannix was originally incorporated in Hollywood, California in 1995, and has since moved its main production facility to Bangkok, Thailand, where over 310 people work on the latest productions for clients from all over the world.

Our services leverage an extensive in-house research and development team for both computer software and hardware engineering, enabling us to provide unique and sometimes custom solutions to suit the varying needs of each film and television production. We work on many of Hollywood’s biggest movies with services that include:

  • Camera and object motion tracking
  • Rotoanimation of articulated characters and other objects
  • Actor expression tracking from principal photography
  • Lens distortion reconstruction
  • Simultaneous multi-camera tracking and reconstruction
  • VR 360 motion reconstruction and stitching
  • Image based set modeling and reconstruction
  • Custom LIDAR scanning and surveying
  • Extensive experience with various digital and film cameras and formats

Yannix Team

XyeFounder/Chief Executive Manager
Xye is a native of Los Angeles. He has been doing research and development for Hollywood VFX since the early 1990s and he developed one of the industry’s first tracking software systems. He supervises overall Yannix management direction and is heavily involved in R&D at where he continues to push computer vision and machine learning technologies into production service.
Prior to founding Yannix, Xye worked at Boss Film Studios.
In his spare time, Xye designs and builds solar power inverters, security systems, electric vehicles, solar powered floating houses and custom built water pumps and he authors a blog about it.
Xye graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.
Suthep “Jokie” Madarasmi, Ph.D.
Suthep “Jokie” Madarasmi, Ph.D.
Suthep Madarasmi joined Yannix in 2015. He currently oversees business analytics research and development while providing valuable leadership in the development of Yannix’ machine vision enhanced production software.
In his time outside of the office, he enjoys jogging, and participating in yoga, badminton, and basketball with the other Yannix staff.
Prior to joining Yannix, Jokie was a professor specializing in machine vision in the Department of Computer Engineering at KMUTT, where he worked for 19 years and served as Department Chair from 2004 to 2008.
Jokie has a Bachelor’s of Engineering from Michigan State University where he also received his Master’s degree in Computer Science. Jokie earned his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.
Prateep “Teep” Siamwalla
Prateep “Teep” Siamwalla
Prateep “Teep” Siamwalla started at Yannix in 2006. Prior to joining Yannix, he was the Supervising Technical Director for Thailand’s first 3D animated feature film. Teep has been involved in every aspect of Yannix’ growth since 2006 and has spearheaded Yannix service offerings in the fields of 360 film making, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
Teep has a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and a Masters Degree from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering.
On most weekends, Teep can be found bicycling around the Suvarnabhumi Airport Skylane bicycle track.
Prathep “Tep” Narula
Prathep “Tep” Narula
Prathep “Tep” Narula joined Yannix in 2011. Tep is responsible for Business Process Development at Yannix, and in recent years he has overseen the development of Yannix’ custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) infrastructure.
Prior to joining Yannix, Tep was involved in setting up the first ISP in Thailand. He went to school in Canada where he earned a Master’s Degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.
Wirak “Noina” Winsuth
Wirak “Noina” Winsuth
Wirak “Noina” Winsuth joined Yannix in 2007. Noina has helped Yannix expand production operations to a team of 300+ staff where she has managed the rapid growth of Yannix’ production operations. She oversees a large set of team leads who handle dozens of production projects every month. Noina also designs the production software developed specifically for our production team.
Noina graduated with a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Control Systems and a Masters of Science in IT from KMUTT.
Noina loves coffee, movies and her two cats.
Danny Turner
Danny Turner
Danny Turner joined Yannix in 2016.
Originally from Manchester, England, Danny attended Weymouth College before graduating from the University of Nottingham with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education.
A lifelong athlete, Danny excelled at soccer, rugby, tennis, badminton, and squash as a schoolboy. He remains an avid swimmer, and he strives to get in the pool every day.
Danny brings a teaching background coupled with extensive sales experience to Yannix, which has helped him to provide training and leadership to a growing producer/coordinator team. He strives to ensure that our clients have the smoothest, most pleasant experience possible when sending their projects to Yannix.
Taksaporn “Bee” Kongwiwat
Taksaporn “Bee” Kongwiwat
Taksaporn “Bee” Kongwiwat joined Yannix in 2009 as a Programmer upon her graduation from KMITL with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering. She became very interested in Production work and early in her tenure she took advantage of an opportunity to leave programming to work in Production as a 3D tracker.
Bee is an adept problem solver with a keen understanding of Yannix’ Operations and culture. She has been willing to take on numerous challenges at Yannix and prior to becoming Head of Production she brought stability to the Finance Department, helped to build the Rotoscoping Team and served as a Project Lead.
Bee enjoys extreme sports and she hopes to someday try her hand skydiving.