Software & Ninjas: Introducing Yannix’ PAD Team

11 May 2022
BANGKOK, Thailand

In 2021, a new department was born at Yannix, the Pipeline Advancement Department (PAD), whose raison d’être is to afford Yannix the ability to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and productivity possible on a daily basis.

Yannix has always been, first and foremost, a technologies company, and as such, our main working tools are computers and software. Yet for the better part of three decades, Yannix has always remained acutely aware that not every problem can be solved with technology.

While PAD may be a relatively new team at Yannix, its members are not new to the game. PAD is comprised of experienced, senior specialists who bring a comprehensive read more …

YNX Recruiting: YANNIX is Hiring!!!

11 May 2022

Yannix currently seeks qualified candidates for a variety of administrative, production and technical positions within our organization.

Click Here to Explore Opportunities to join Yannix.

Yannix Pad-Thai Lunch for Songkran

18 April 2022
BANGKOK, Thailand

n order to celebrate the biggest and most important Holiday Season on the Thai calendar, Songkran (aka Thai New Year), Yannix held a special lunch event on Tuesday, April 12.

Pad-Thai is known to be a favorite comfort food in Thailand, especially during the temperature hot month of April. So it was appropriate that Yannix invited the Pad-Thai Seafood Food Truck to come to our facility on Thai New Year’s Eve. read more …

Q&A with Yannix Senior Recruiter, Korlapat “Tarn” Kulkasem

25 February 2022
BANGKOK, Thailand

The following is a question and answer session with Yannix’ Senior Recruiter, “Tarn.” Look for Tarn at Yannix virtual University Recruiting Events and Job Fairs, and in person when the global health crisis has finally subsided.

YNX: Tarn, please give us a little background on what you were doing before you came to Yannix.

Tarn: I graduated read more …