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We have been serving Hollywood's motion tracking, matchmoving, and advanced custom image processing needs since 1995. At its core, our facility has teams of researchers, developers, and production staff allowing us not only to deliver the highest quality tracks every time, but to extend our technologies to handle the kinds of problems that can cause the kinds of headaches and delays that plague productions the world over.

Our mission is to fill the gap between what is possible, and what is available. Our in-house engineers and programmers continuously develop and refine solutions for VFX production and post-production. Our resume includes many of Hollywood's biggest movies of the past decade.

Back in 1995, our original technologies were used to allow directors to move the camera when filming complex VFX shots. Over the years, our clients continue to seek our help in developing solutions for more and more sophisticated set-ups and tracking problems.

While we are always developing new solutions to handle tomorrow's problems, our current solutions include:

  • Basic camera motion tracking (with or without survey data)
  • Lens distortion reconstruction (no lens grid required)
  • Specialized anamorphic lens distortion modules
  • Articulated, deforming, and rigid object tracking
  • Simultaneous multi-camera tracks ("witness cameras")
  • Non-synchronized multi-camera tracking
  • Advanced stereoscopic tracking
  • Actor expression tracking from principal photography
  • Extensive experience with various digital and film cameras and formats

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